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Am I Actually Partially Living One Of My Dreams?

One of my (many) dreams is to be the CEO of an internet company. Preferably something in media and information.

Just the other day I realised that I may actually partially be living that dream.

I am not a CEO of a large company but I do have a few websites that are delivering me passive income (around $100-$200/month passive income). I’m not actually doing much (if any) work on these websites at the moment but I still own them and technically run them.

Scaling Up

The question now need to be posed

“With the extremely limited time and resources I have how do I scale up this side business?”

I quickly came up with one idea I am thinking of trialing. It has a few facets to the plan.

1. Treat Each Website as it’s own entity

If I treat each website as it’s own business then what I can do is take the revenue from that business and JUST sow in back into the business that makes the money.

For example. One website makes $100/month and one website makes $1/month. For the website making $100/month I could take that money and purchase articles. However, for the website making only $1/month that would require me to invest my own time into writing articles until it earns enough money that I can begin paying writers.

2. Create Authority Blogs Over Time and Go After Revenue

At this stage I wouldn’t be going after profit. But each dollar a website made would be reinvested back into that website slowly making it an authority in it’s niche with hundreds or thousands of articles on the one particular topic. This would be the main long term strategy.

I would be reinvesting 100% of the revenue back into the business, effectively make $0/month profit, but at least breaking even.

3. Use My Spare Time To Start New Websites

Once a website is self perpetuating (like my $100/month site) I can leave it and let it grow through outsourced article writing. I could then use my own spare time to find new niches and create new websites.

I would launch the websites with around 10 high quality articles (2,000 words plus) targeting the keywords of my choice. I would then let the website sit for 6-12 months and see if it gains any traction.

If the website gains traction and I can see that it will scale into a website that generates income then I would invest more time into writing more articles for the site to grow it’s volume of traffic and income.

The goal would be to have each new website that works self perpetuating within 24-36 months.

I would be starting quite a few websites and seeing what works.

4. Continue To Scale

Continue this process. Reinvesting profits back into the business with the goal of growing traffic and revenue through advertising on the website (which is fairly low ROI)

5. Scale Back Expenses

If this process works and in 5 years time I have a solid income coming in and consistent traffic through sources like search engines I could begin to scale back the reinvestment.

Rather than investing 100% of the profits back into the business I could cut that down to 50%. The remaining money I could take to begin paying down a mortgage or for use as fun money on top of my job.

All Just Speculation

At this point in time it is all just speculation and I haven’t really given much thought to my online business (it has been on the backburner for the last year) but this will be somethign I ponder on throughout the year and I will definitely trial a few things.

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