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Wow What A Big Year

Oh 2010 how I have loved the time we spent together. But we need to talk. I have found someone else and I am leaving you for good. “What’s her name” you ask? Well her name is 2011, and I can’t explain it but it just happened. It was like I didn’t even have a choice. It’s not you…it’s me. We are just going in different directions. You are staying where you are, and that’s fine, but I am moving on and I can’t help it. We had fun and it was great while it lasted and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

It is December already…when did that happen? It is amazing to look back over the last 11 or so months and to see how far I have come and what I have achieved. Here is a small list of some of the things that defined 2010 for me.

It is exciting to look back over the last year and see what has happened and to document it, because I know that in 2020 I will barely remember any of this.

This time last year Kelly was pregnant and still working on the other side of Sydney. I was working 2 days a week (just weekends) and I was trying to find my fortune in every different get rich quick strategy on the internet. We were broke but we were happy.

We are now a little less broke, and with the addition of the little one a little more happy (and a little more tired). This time last year I would sleep in till 11am on countless mornings, now sleeping in till 8am is a dream. Late morning sleep ins is definately something of the past.

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