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Whinging About My New Business Model

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iniartworksmallYesterday I found myself whinging to my wife about how my new business model doesn’t create any emergencies.

Hey, I’m Ryan from Instructions Not Included – podcast about me trying to make a decent living online. Now that I say that, I kind of need to change the catch phrase as I do make a decent living online, but let me think about that and get back to you guys.

But, anyway, I was talking to my wife last night about my new businesses that I run. Which is basically creating content for niche websites.

One of the things that I’ve gotten used to over the last 3 years that I’ve worked online full time, there’s always emergencies with On Property. There’s always something that has gone wrong. There’s a customer who needs a refund. Someone needs a question answered.

Often, throughout the day or even after I finish work, I’ll be checking my email just to make sure there’s someone that’s not really cranky that I need the problem for.

This thing is attached to me. This phone is attached to me. If it’s away from me, I get anxious. I don’t even know what’s on here. Clash Royale, I’ve got my email, I’ve got messages. I’ve got some stats. I don’t know why I get so anxious when it’s away from me, but I do.

I need to separate myself from that phone. I guess that’s part of what this new business model is about. About running niche websites that don’t generate emergencies, that don’t generate customer interactions of any sort – is to free me up to go and live the life that I want to live. So if I want to travel in the van with the kids like I do, then I can.

It’s a hard transition for me because I’m going from full time worker striving to try and make a decent living online. But, I can cut back and I probably should cut back. That’s not an easy transition for me to make in terms of lifestyle business and actually enjoying the benefits of the lifestyle business. I’ve been making conscious goals of myself to be like, “I’m okay doing nothing today.” Which sounds stupid.

We all want to be in this position where we have a lifestyle business or we have financial freedom, but once you get there, it’s like, what do you do with that? I’m not the only one who works really hard and then when you achieve it, you don’t know what to do. Now, I’m really happy with how my niche websites are going.

Something that has been frustrating me is Amazon checks. Amazon, there is a delay between when you earn the money and when you get paid, which I’m not used to because I sell my own products and the day that I sell it is the day that it basically goes into my account.

Now, with Amazon, it’s like 3-month delay before they send a check out to you. A freaking paper check. It’s like this is 1983.

I don’t know why they do that. I hate it. I go down to the bank. The bank almost has no idea what to do with a foreign check. Half an hour in the bank, computer systems always stuff up whenever I need to bank a foreign check. And then, they’re like, “Okay, it’s a $18 processing fee.” Look, that’s fine, you process it. That’s fine.

They’re like, “Oh, now we send it off back to America and so, you’ve got a 20-day holding period on this check before it ends up in your account.” 3 months to get paid from Amazon then another month. 4 months in total. When I finally do go on the road in about 6 months time.

Where are these checks going to go if I don’t have a home address? It is 2016. Checks should not exist anymore. Why are there checks? There’s online banking. There’s Paypal! Just pay me into Paypal. Come on.

So, yeah, that’s where I’m at at the moment. I need to come up with a new tag line for Instructions Not Included because I do make a decent living online. How can I working so much mentally? I feel bad going to the beach. I feel bad going for a surf. Like this TV, okay, not this one in particular because it’s a bit too small and doesn’t play my game properly. But, I have a bunch of old TVs like this one, probably from 1983, and I play a game called Super Smash Brothers Melee. I feel bad playing that game because I feel like I should be working.

I feel bad sometimes spending time with my family because I feel like I should be working even though I actually shouldn’t. I should be embracing the beach, embracing surfing, embracing spending time with my family, stressing less about work. But, for some reason, I can’t seem to do that. That’s kind of what I’m trying to move towards and work out. I need to get better at being happy with where I am. So I’ll work on that and in the meantime, if you want instructions, go and buy some furniture.

If hung around to this point, then you must be a super fan. And for super fans, I have something very special. You just wait there. Wait there one second. I will get the very special thing. How good is this? Nutella. Do they make Nutella in other countries or is this just an Australian thing? As you can see, this has been licked clean. I love Nutella, it is so good. I eat it with a spoon.

My wife puts in on toast, complete waste. Just get a spoon and dig into this thing and it says “I love you” on this one, which I absolutely love. That’s really cool. That’s just a little fun fact about me. The hang you around until the end. Nutella is awesome. Alright guys, peace out.

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