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What Is Success?

Success is something almost everyone has the desire to achieve. But in order to achieve success we need to first be able to define what success is. If we do not define what success is then how can we know if we are successful?

Success means different things to different people. To one person being successful could mean having $1,000,000 in the bank, to another person being successful could mean getting out of bed each day. To my grandfather success meant being happy, and to him family and serving the Lord made him happy, thus he was a very successful man in his own eyes.

I have come to a kind of crossroads in my life at the moment. I have discovered that the Make Money Online/Internet Marketing niche is not the place I want to be because it does not fulfill me. So I am currently looking for something to do next.

I want to be successful just like any other average joe. I have just one problem…I don’t know what success looks like. I don’t know what I need to be successful.

Sure you could say that I need a whole bunch of money and a great job to be successful, but that might not be what I consider successful in my own life. I don’t know what I consider to be successful, and this lack of knowledge has put me in a standstill.

I want to move forward and to try new things and learn and grow. But I don’t just want to jump on any bus, train or plane. I want to get on the bus, train or plane that is going to lead me towards success. There is no point getting on one that will lead me away from success, so at the moment I am just waiting at the bus stop.

Being rich is not necessarily being successful, because your life does not just revolve around finances. Life is made up of many faceates and being successful in one area but poor in another means you will not be successful. To be truely successful you will want to have success in all the different areas of life. I have listed the main areas of life below for reference:

More importantly to me, being successful means living a life of purpose. What is my purpose? I have no idea. But I know that I am trying my hardest to find out what it is and to find out what I want out of life.

5 responses to “What Is Success?”

  1. Car hire says:

    In point of view success is a state of mind where you are satisfied. You can feel relax.

  2. Pete says:

    We all need to know we’r running down the right path when running our race, good you discovered and retraced early. Wish you luck & always do what makes you happy.

  3. I envision success as an image of where I want to be in x amount of years. Having that concrete image in my mind helps me do the little things that get me to there. Having said that, you can be successful at the smaller things, not just the whole lifestyle thing. Is success a happiness feeling that you have accomplished something? Possibly.
    Changing direction can be both a difficult time and an exciting one, and I am sure if you put the same effort in to your new venture as you have with your web stuff over the past few years, then you will be successful.

    • ryan says:

      “Is success a happiness feeling that you have accomplished something?”

      I believe that individual success is definately the feeling of being successful. But obviously, you may feel that you are successful while other people do not feel that you are successful. But ultimately the only person’s feelings you can directly alter are your own. So why worry about whether or not other people think you are successful.

  4. It’s very difficult for some people to accept their defeat and by accepting it, they are actually gaining a sense of discipline. This acceptance alongside the efforts you’ll provide, will bring you to success. hmm don’t know if i’m right…

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