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#36 What I Really Want From My Business Tues 11th Aug 2015

I had another mental breakthrough. I realised that I want my business to be more passive so I can do other things with my time.

Hey guys! Ryan here from Instructions Not Included and I had another kind of mental breakthrough which is pretty cool! I think the last episode I talked about setting my goal of improving my reach from where it is at the moment which is around 94,000 people in a month to reaching a million people a month. And something that kind of came out as I was talking to my wife and I was thinking about my business and talking to her about the fact that I am looking 3 years ahead and I do not see us needing to be more wealthy in order to be more happy.

And I was saying to her that what I really want is just to have more freedom of time and to not have the stress that I have right now, that if I stopped working on my business I am not going to earn enough money for us to survive. Because at the moment I feel like I need to work on my business every single day. I need to put in good hours in order to generate that income that I need to generate.

Like the last month in July, sales for On Property Plus were lower than usual, somewhere around the $2,000 to $3,000 mark instead of maybe $4,000 to $5,000 or even $6,000. And so I was a bit stressed about that. I am not stressed this month because I have a buffer but if that happens for another few months, well then I could be in a difficult situation.

So I really wanted to set up my business in such a way that I was never in that situation like I never want to put myself in a situation where money is running dry and I just need to pull something out of my ass in order to move forward and in order to support my family and survive. And so that was something that I really wanted to change in my business and I guess that is part of the motivation that I have had creating eBooks and the courses that I now am looking at creating – was the fact that these are not things that I need to create over and over again.

It is not a service that I need to provide. It is just something that is out there that sells on an ongoing basis and the eBooks have been selling a copy every single day mainly through my website. There hardly is any action on Kindle. But that makes sense because I do not know a lot of people in Australia who use Kindle. Amazon is not as big over here in Australia because we do not have Amazon.

We only have online Amazon so there are less people using Kindle than maybe there are in the US, I am not 100% sure. But I have been finding that people are finding my eBooks through my website. They must be just finding it through the main menu navigation on my website, just a little bit a link there that says eBooks because they are going through there and they are buying my eBooks. People are buying the bundle, $6.99 for that bundle.

They seem to be purchasing that the most and I just get notifications all the time of a new sale here, a new sale there and I worked out that if I just sell one of those bundles a day that is almost $3,000 in a year in revenue.

Yeah. I have the goal of a million people in a month that I want to reach. I also have the income goal of I want to be earning enough income every month where I do not have to stress about it. I really want to free up my time now so I can focus on other things in my life.

I want to start going surfing again. I want to start exercising. I want to have the freedom to spend more times with my kids and with my wife and not stress out about that. I would eventually like to build some sort of structure like a tiny house or a tiny office or something like that. And so now what I am working towards is yes to impact: more people – a million people but also to make my business more passive.

And so something that I am doing this week to make my business more passive is I am completely reworking every single training video that I have for my virtual assistant. And the goal here is to take me out of the process completely.

I want to be like James Schramko who is from SuperFast Business where he has a team. He creates a video, puts the file in Dropbox and then the next time he sees it is it is published on his website. So I want to have that. At the moment I am setting up the processes. Also we are editing the video and things like that. But once it is edited I will out it in Dropbox and the process will go all the way through from there, all the way through to that post being published on my website and going live.

So I am setting up different spreadsheets in order for my VA to manage the ordering of the transcriptions of those podcasts. I am also setting up spreadsheets to order thumbnails and something that I will be moving towards is getting a designer to create my thumbnails because I have been doing them all myself and if I work a full day I can probably create about 40 thumbnails or something like that. But I should really be spending my time on creating more content, creating more courses and things like that.

So I am setting it up so that eventually designer can take over those thumbnails and create images for my blogposts as well but at this point in time I will still be creating those thumbnails until I feel like I know how I can communicate with the designer and how I can hire a designer in a cost-effective way to get the look and the quality that I want.

So I am pretty excited. I have what I think is a 14-set process or a 15-set process that I am setting up at the moment. The very similar process that has been a few little tweaks, a couple integrations with Slack and Dropbox using software or service tools called Zappier which every time I upload an image or a video or whatever to Dropbox it then pushes a notification through to Slack and then my VA can take that and roll with it and do the full process.

So I have a 14-set process or maybe 15 steps. I have done 2 videos today, today is Tuesday. 2 videos today, hopefully I am going to smash out a few tomorrow. I would like to get this done by the end of the week, chances that happening is pretty slim, probably Monday or Tuesday next week that will get finished. But yeah, I am excited to have that process in place to be able to just put the file in Dropbox ad then it all happens after that. And that could potentially open up a new business opportunity where other people have videos and they want to get them published in the same way that I do could hire my service and get me to do it for them.

I am not planning on launching that but hey, I could in the future if I wanted to. So that is pretty exciting. And that process – me not having to do that, will free me up to spend more time on videos, creating courses which will move me  towards the reach that I want to achieve – the million people in a month, and will also move me towards my goal of not having to stress about how much I am making and just be financially secure in that.

So this has been interesting guys! Find me on my journey! I really appreciate everyone who listens and enjoys this.

Until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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