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#67 The Times They Are A Changing

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iniartworksmallTimes are changing as I embark on a new business idea with the goal of $75,000-$100,000 in semi-passive income.

The times – they are changing. Hey guys, Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. The times are changing for me because I’m working on a new business while On Property is kind of ticking away and I’m still thinking about what to do with that.

I just want to discuss where am I, how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking about my business moving forward.

This week I’ve been working pretty solidly on creating videos for my new website which is pelt.co so www.pelt.co, you can go ahead and check it out.

I’m going to be creating a bunch of instructional videos over there on how to do things – just videos to help people. The series that I’ve been working on at the moment is how to set up a membership site with zero coding.

So I’m showing people from the very beginning having absolutely nothing online how do you go ahead and set up a membership site that you can sell a subscription to.

I take people through that entire process. It is a 12 part series over there and I’m happy to say that I have nine parts done and dusted and I’ve also recorded part 10 and part 11 which I just need to edit. Therefore that series is almost finished. I’m excited to get that out and to have that series out.

The next series I’ll be working on directly after I finish that is how to create an evergreen launch funnel. The same sequence and the same things that I’ve been doing for On Property Plus to market that I’m going to teach people behind the scenes how do you actually create that and run that in your business.

Again, the plan – if you guys didn’t know, the plan to make money from this is to make money through the tools that I recommend for these products. For example, for a membership site you need domain name, you need hosting, you need membership software, you need a sales page software like lead pages.

I recommend those and if people go through my links then they go ahead or I go ahead and get an affiliate commission. It doesn’t cost them anymore but if they find it useful and they go through my affiliate links then I’ll make a commission through that.

I believe that it’s going to work because it has worked with Podcast Fast already and I’ve made over $700US dollars or over $1,000 Australian since I launched that which was under a year ago. Even if each video series made me $1,000 and I could create one every week – that’s optimistic – but then within a year that’s 50 grand a year, within two years that’s 100 grand a year.

So my ultimate goal is three to five years down the track to be able to generate enough income online – somewhere between $75,000 to $100,000 profits. To generate that much income online with not having to work fully to upkeep everything – working a bit yes, working to grow my business yes, but I’m not being stuck in the day-to-day drudgery of the business.

That is the goal so that my family and I can do what we want. We can home school if we want. We can travel if we want. We can keep doing what we want to build the business out if we want. I’m really excited because I’m working now on what I really had envisioned for my company which is an educational company that is creating videos and creating education to help empower people.

I’m starting with things that I know how to do, like membership sites, evergreen launch funnels and things that I know I can get affiliate commissions for. So that’s where I’ll start and then obviously I’ll move on from there into different niches and things like that as well. I’m super excited for this opportunity, super excited to grow this business.

I’m still ticking away with on property, still maintaining that, doing interviews every now and then, maintaining the membership site. I did have about 400 people go through the funnel this week and absolutely no sales. I don’t know what the go is with that – it closes tomorrow so I’ll see if I get any sales on the closing. But I definitely need to look into that because I feel like I should have got at least one sale from all those people.

I don’t know what’s going wrong. I don’t know if it’s just the season because we’re going into December which is my slowest month. I really don’t know what’s going on. I will stick at it but it’s hard to sit back and to watch and to just not be able to do anything to drive sales forward and just have to wait and then analyze it and see how you can do it better. So it’s painful to watch, it’s painful to not have those sales for On Property coming through.

I’ve got a few more sales from Ben which should definitely keep me afloat. I’m hoping that On Property sales mix with sales from Ben will keep me afloat until my new business picks up.

I also needed to think about how I can grow this new business faster so it doesn’t take me two years like it took with On Property. I’m actually going to be using a similar strategy to what I did with On Property in that I’m going to be releasing daily content and so I’m going to pump out a lot of content to try and grow my site and to grow the videos as quickly as possible. One of the problems that I have is what I call the Google lag.

Often when you release content it will take five or six months before Google recognizes that yes this is good content I’m going to go ahead and rank it. With On Property I had kind of got past that hurdle because I’ve been around for so long because Google trusts me and because I’ve got great content already and great stats already when I release new content I would automatically get viewers. I would automatically get people watching it and it would automatically rank for the keywords that I was going after.

Therefore with On Property I got to a point where it was quite easy and now I’m starting from scratch again so I need to work out how am I going to accelerate the process – I mean ranking for some of these things.

My strategy at the moment is I’m going to be doing these video series like we discussed but I’m also going to do a bunch of little videos just on one particular problem – solving one particular problem and solving it well. I’ll therefore create a bunch of small videos and the goal is those small videos are so specific that they rank a lot quicker than the series do but that people really like them, people enjoy them, people come back to them that I get some good stats in Google’s eyes and in YouTube’s eyes.

And then hopefully that will have a residual effect on my other videos as well. So that is the plan. That is basically it at the moment – create a lot of content and then create some specific content that’s going to rank well for small terms that get less traffic but that really solve that problem and really do it well. I’m hoping that that will speed things up. I don’t have any other strategy to speed things up at the moment so we’ll just see how it goes.

We’ll keep ticking along. I really only started tracking my YouTube a couple of days ago and I got a total of seven views across my entire channel. I have uploaded eight videos a few days ago and so I’m not expecting traction for quite some time.

Dreamy Dad as well, that hasn’t taken off quickly so that might be six months before we see any traction on that. That’s just not getting any views and I haven’t made any affiliate sales through that either. So really, On Property is keeping me alive and I still need to focus on that but I am very excited about this new business and creating this educational content and hopefully building that up over time.

I was talking to my wife about it last night and we were saying it’s a bummer to realize that what we thought we were creating (we spent two years creating On Property) wasn’t going to be I guess the money maker – wasn’t going to be the business that we had thought it was going to be or that we had envisaged and it’s just hard to realize that you spent two years and you didn’t get to where you wanted to be.

But we’ve learned a lot and we’re going to start again and hopefully this new thing that we’re starting is going to achieve those things. But who knows, I might look back in two years and say this business I started as well wasn’t the ticket.

Let me just leave you with one thought and that came from Robert Kiyosaki. I talked about how nine out of ten businesses fail within the first five years or whatever the statistics is, it doesn’t really matter, a lot of businesses fail. However, when people used to throw that statistics at Robert Kiyosaki they would say, “How can you recommend that people start a business when nine out of ten businesses fail?” He would say, “Well I know the statistics – nine out of ten businesses failed but I only actually need one business to succeed in order to be successful so I need to plan to start ten businesses in order to be successful.”

I think he started three before he achieved great success. Therefore he beats the odds. I’ll leave you with that thought that you may need to start ten businesses in order to get to the one that is successful. And that’s kind of the experience that I’m going through at the moment where I’m moving on and trying a new business and hoping that this will be successful.

I only need one to succeed. I don’t need them all to succeed in order to be successful. On Property has been successful enough. It got me to where I am today but it’s not going to get me to where I want to be and so that’s why my focus is shifting.

I wish you guys all the best in your business. Until next time if you want instructions go and buy some furniture

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