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The Hardest Part About Reading Finance Books

The other day I visited this cute second hand book store and I bought the Robert Kiyosaki book “The Cashflow Quadrant”.

The book talks about the different ways to earn an income (as an employee, self employed, business owner and investor) and talks about the best way to move towards financial freedom.

I have read the book before but it is good to refresh my memory and get re-inspired to achieve financial freedom.

How To Achieve Financial Freedom
Robert recommends that the best way for most people to achieve financial freedom is to start to generate money by owning an automated business first (one that brings you money whether you work or not) and then invest that money to make more money.

This is encouraging for me to hear. As I do not currently have the money to invest (in property) to achieve financial freedom that way I have been focusing on building my automated business in my spare time (while working as an employee and being self employed).

My automated business is quite simple really. I collect email subscribers and send them automated messaged using Aweber. I am good at collecting subscribers but not as good at converting them into cha-Ching.

A Little Frustrated
At the moment, reading the book, I am a little frustrated. I want to spend time building up my passive income, but time seems quite hard to come by at the moment. I also don’t yet know how much I make per subscriber so I can’t spend money to build my list quicker.

So at the moment I am juggling earning a good income, paying off some debt and saving some money (or trying to) and still having some free time to develop my passive income. I am not the best juggler yet.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel
My list is making money…that is the good news. It isn’t costing me anything but is making me money every month. The system is there I just need to build on it to make it more profitable before I scale it up to include more subscribers and more customers.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know what I have to do, but finding the time and energy to do it while paying all the bills is the hard part.

This is just a personal rant because I couldn’t read the book, get all fired up, and then just go to sleep. I had to get my mind on paper.

2 responses to “The Hardest Part About Reading Finance Books”

  1. David says:

    Hi Ryan

    The time thing – dont know how much sleep you get but if its the standard eight hours a night, try getting by on seven that’ll give you an extra seven hours a week to work.

    Of course you could be doing that already so you can ignore me!


    • ryan says:

      It’s a good idea David, but when you have a wife and a kid one hours less sleep doesn’t always translate into an hour you can work 🙂

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