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Summer Is In The Air

Spring has begun and the days are getting warmer. Daylight savings has begun and the daylight lasts longer. Summer is in the air and I like it.

Many changes are happening for me and my family this summer season

Moving House – We are moving out of our cute 2 bedroom house into a bigger, sexier, funner 4-bedroom home with another married couple. We will turn the garage into a man den for xbox and ping-pong championships and we will eat delicious dinners all summer long. Sasha will get to grow up with Lucy and we will get to have fun lazy days in our blow up pool.

Changing Finances – I have recently got a great new job working behind the scenes in a compounding lab that makes up personalised medications. I am working mon-thurs which means I have my weekends back. I am loving my job and with it brings a more stable financial environment for the family. My wife has also gone back to work 2 days/week so this means we are able to save money, pay off debt, live a nicer lifestyle and hopefully save for a house deposit.

New Business Idea – A lot of what I have been trying to do in the past is now in the past. I have officially moved my focus out of the make money online niche and I am now focusing on creating a solid business in the positive cash flow real estate niche. It is slow beginnings because I am working a full time job, but it is growing and I am already seeing some great income from it. Being focused on this one business is really exciting and I have some really good ideas that will add value to people’s lives and to the industry.

More Opportunity Than I Can Handle – I have more opportunity than I can handle. My job will do nothing but grow as my role develops, I have too much freelance writing work that I have to turn people away and I have a variety of other opportunities in internet marketing, web design and copywriting.

Fun Times With Family – I take care of my baby girl one day a week while Mum is at work and we have the weekends together. This is great fun and I am really enjoying it. My baby girl will be crawling soon and she is so much fun to hang out with. Her laughter is currently my favourite sound…it is so cute.

New Friends – I have been making new friends at work and really enjoying the different social scene. Also lots of new people in our lifegroup which is fun.

New Spring In My Step – Yes it sounds silly, but all of these changing factors have seemed to lead to a new spring in my step. I am really looking forward to this summer and putting myself and my family in a great position to move into bigger things (like property investing and development).

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  1. casey says:

    hello again bloggywog! we’ve missed you

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