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Only One Thing

Undoubtably the best circus experience ever Cirque Du Soleil displays the absolute best performers in the world.

I envy the people who have devoted their life to their craft. I envy their discipline, their focus and their passion.

I also envy the creator, the master artist who does the greatest performance of all. He brings together the talent from all over the world and turns it into something of value, something people talk about.

Each individual performer is great, but it is only when you bring them together that the true masterpiece is created. That is why I envy and respect the director most of all.

One Thing
These performers spend all their waking hours perfecting and honing their craft. They have a clear cut plan of practice, and by practicing they get better. It is almost like if they stick to the path and work hard enough they can’t fail.

My life doesn’t feel that clear cut. There doesn’t seem to be a path laid out in front of me and it is hard to predict the practice I need to do to end up where I want to end up.

My one thing: communicating

I love communicating to people. I love inspiring people, building them up and getting them to live better lives as a result.

I have no greater joy when I am with someone and something snaps… The Aha moment where they all of a sudden see life in a way they never have before and they burst through into new possibilities and better results.

Better Ways To Practice

I practice in my job every single day. I intentionally try different ways to convey the message I want to get across. I read people’s feedback and then adjust based on the responses I get.

I do subconscious role plays in my mind. “What if I said it this way” is a constant thought in my mind.

However, watching the performers in Cirque Du Soleil makes me think I need to find even better ways to home my craft. Better ways to practice, ways I can put in more time and effort to get better faster.

There are some simple things, and some not so simple things.

Read Books – Read sales books, books about public speaking, books about communication, books about great achievers.

Blog Daily – Writing is a form of communication and requires you to think about the words you are going to say. My writing is no Shakespeare but it is leagues ahead of the days when I wrote for my blog SmarterWealth.net (5 years ago).

Practice Public Speaking/Preaching – I don’t need to get up in front of a church to practice. I can write sermons or speeches just as a way of practicing, and I can perform them in front of a mirror (or my wife).

Watch The Best Sales People In Action – And takes notes…not on their content but on their delivery

Give More – Give more of myself to my sales calls. More planning, more energy, more passion, more charisma, more professionalism and more me. By giving more I will be unable to stop improving. The more you give the more you get back.

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