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One Message

Almost every Sunday morning I go to my church at 9:30am. Church finishes about 11:00am and by 11:01am I have forgotten almost everything that was said.

A large part of that is my fault. I often fail to take notes and then reflect on those notes.

But I look around the room and maybe 1 in 20 people actually take notes.

Today the preacher had 7 points…think hard I can remember point #1 and #7.

Repetition helps people remember. So why not create a sermon focusing on one idea instead of 7. Tell stories, give examples and do everything to enforce the one point.

Then maybe instead of 300 people walking out of church (or your staff training) remembering almost nothing, have them walk out unable to forget that one point.

Because if they only remember the story you told, the joke you gave or the point you delivered it will all reinforce the one idea.

Maybe, just maybe, we should live our lives dedicated to sharing one idea?

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