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Is Church A Shotgun?

I am a firm believer in the “you don’t get to a new place by answering the questions you have, you get there by asking better questions”.

A shotgun “sprays” it’s bullets, a laser is much more direct.

Church “sprays” it’s message. I arrive at church on Sunday morning and look around at all sorts of people. 70 year old women, 40 year old dads, teenagers and kids. The only thing we have in common is faith and location.

Is it my fault that I don’t engage in conversation with that older woman and that I only speak to the 10-20 people I actually know in a church of 300-500?

Does church have to “spray” it’s message to everyone to attract a larger crowd?

Does the preaching have to apply to unbelievers, new Christians and those that have been Christians for 20 years?

What would happen if the church was laser focused and had a “target market”? We wouldn’t have as good music (the musicians would go elsewhere) but maybe we would have some intriguing conversations?

I hate being a critic and I am not trying to criticize church as it is today…but I want to know…is this the best way?

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