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I Will Never Be Able To Prove People Wrong

I have so many people that I just want to prove wrong. People that say

There are so many people that just make me ANGRY with the things that they say. Because I know deep down in my heart that what they are saying is full of crap and completely untrue.

But today I realised that I won’t be able to prove people wrong.

Take a look at Steve McKnight. He is the Aussie guy that wrote 0-130 properties in 3.5 years. He kicked ass and proved to everyone that it can be done, but still he doesn’t have the glory of saying “In your face bitches”. He has critics smearing his name and his method all the time, saying he is a fraud and his method doesn’t work EVEN though he proved them all wrong.

I have realised that people do in fact live in different realities. As Christians we like to believe that everything is black and white, that there is right and wrong, possible and impossible. But more and more I am starting to see that many things are relative.

Like people who say “I need a job because I have bills to pay and I have to pay my mortgage”. That statement is true for them because they believe it. Because they believe it their mind won’t stretch to find other money making opportunities. It is real because they believe it is.

So even when I prove people wrong they will never understand because they live in a different reality to me. I can get rich without a job, but they will still believe deep down that you need a job to make money and they will fail to see there is another way EVEN WHEN IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE.

It is a little annoying because most of the people that fight me live in a different reality to me, so I won’t be able to say “I told you so.”

But knowing this is releasing. If you are doing something just to rub it in someone’s face then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. So it has allowed me to drop that whole aspect and just go after it for me and my family and the people that support me in what I am doing, but aren’t able to do it themselves yet. So it is good to finally get that bad motive out of my system.

2 responses to “I Will Never Be Able To Prove People Wrong”

  1. I guess that is why we have to let go of peoples opinions of us and let the only opinion that matters be God’s.

    By the way, I have Steve’s book and it is really inspiring!

  2. casey says:

    no one is fighting you, we’re all just trying to win the best we know how.

    why bother proving people wrong? live and let live, and get the hell on with what you are meant to be doing.

    yep, others don’t see things the way you do. it comes with the territory of being both a independent thinker and a spirit guided Christian. i suggest you get used to it, no matter how much you learn it doesn’t change. but that’s not the point…

    the personal journey of faith (by definition) doesn’t make sense to us, so why would it ever make sense to anyone else?

    stop arguing semantics and get on with winning. this blog needs less “why i’m right” and more “what i’ve done”.

    the people you are sandblasting in this post are the very ones you should be aiming to enlighten and educate…. they are the ones who need to hear what you are setting your sails to learn.

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