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#45 I Am Nervous About Running My Business

iniartworksmallI change my mind every week, currently I am struggling again with OnProperty.com.au. Everything is fine but in terms of growing the business I am nervous.

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of Instructions Not Included. You can find this episode and all of the episodes over at RyanMclean.net and Mclean is spelled M-c-l-e-a-n.

Now, in today’s episode I want to talk about where I am at in my business. And if you have been following me for any amount of time you know that I change my mind every single day or maybe every single week but very often. And I do not know why that is. I do not know why I am not as maybe motivated or dedicated as some business owners who can commit to one thing. But for me I get bored and I start looking at other ideas. I do not actually know it.

But anyway, at the moment I am struggling again with OnProperty.com.au. The site is going fine. Everything is going well. I have a whole bunch of customers. I have traffic coming in consistently from all the content that I created so I have all that long tail SEO coming in and I have a couple of courses due to come out in the coming months.

So everything there is set but in terms of growing the business and expanding the business and getting to that point where I have that consistent income that I want, I do not know if I do not know how to do it or if I am just nervous to get back into free videos and creating lots of videos. But yeah, I am here today and I am in my new office and I have my tripod set up and then I feel like I do not even know what to talk about.

I do not know what to create a video about. I am kind of doubting myself. I do not know if I have a place talking about property when there are other people out there who are so much more professional than me, have so much more experience than me. And I hate that thought. I probably should not have that thought because I get emails all the time from people thanking me for the stuff that I put out. They are really happy and grateful for what I do.

But as well I kind of had a mental shift change in terms of my financial goals and in terms of property and stuff as well. Because with On Property, the stuff that I teach about is all people who want to I guess want to get quite wealthy, become financially free. But then my mind has really shifted in the fact that I do not necessarily want to be “financially free” but I want to have the lifestyle that I want.

I want to have the free time and I want that to come from a business not necessarily property. And so I guess I am just struggling within myself as to what I am teaching people and what I should be saying and how I go about teaching things now.

But yes, I am not a hundred percent sure how to move forward. I have products, I have courses that I want to create free videos and call to action in those videos to promote those courses. But I just feel stuck like there is nothing that I could create content about. And should I even be in the property space anyway. Should I be doing something more interesting or something different or something that I feel more passionate about, that I can talk about more and more often so I do not know what to do. I think I guess probably what I will end up doing is that the direction of On Property will begin to slowly transform and slowly change to match up more with the motivations that I have now.

So rather than it being all about investing in property, buying 10 properties and achieving financial freedom through property, maybe it will start to shift and talk about setting lifestyle goals and I am not looking at achieving good things in life and how property can help you do that. So yeah, I am not a hundred percent sure what the plan is now, whether I should maybe focus on Outspoken.co and create a product about public speaking. I kind of said to myself I do not want to create any more free videos for Outspoken.co or for PodcastFast until I have a product to sell for those sites.

So that kind of makes me stop because I would need to create the products before I create any more free content for those sites. And I was thinking about creating content for Outspoken.co just about how to become a better public speaker in the privacy of your own home and to sell that for $50 or $100. So that could definitely be something that I do to get good traffic to that site but it is making basically no money at the moment so maybe I should be looking at creating that product and selling that product, talking to people about how to become a better public speaker, how to become more confident from the privacy of your own home which is where I think we need to practice public speaking.

So I do not know. I will let you guys know tomorrow maybe if I get a chance to record. But at the moment I am getting ready. I am going to try and do some filming or On Property. I am going to just create a video. I do not care how good it is. I do not care what it is. I am just going to make a video and see how it goes and then hopefully I can create a few, create a few called actions and then generate some sales.

And so wish me luck and until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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