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#63 I Have No Idea How To Move Forward

iniartworksmallI feel stuck and have no idea how to move forward in my business. What should my next move be?

Hey Guys! Ryan here from Instructions Not Included and I am feeling stuck in my business here.

Aaagghhh! I definitely feel better than I did the other day when I had rehashed my membership into something that was worse than what it was before. So I am feeling better about that, but I am definitely feeling stuck about scaling my business and getting it to the point where it generates enough revenue to support me. I have had quite a few good months in the past, but the money just seems to have dried up. I am not getting new signups.

I still have some recurring revenue from old signups and that is going to cover my costs, but that is it. So it is not going to make any profit, or generate me any profit to live off or to grow my business off. Definitely I am in a place where I am starting to get concerned and frustrated. I feel like I am in an impasse where I just do not know how to move my business forward. I do not know if the products that I have are the right products.

I do not know if the way I am positioning them is correct. Maybe I just need to change the way I am positioning them, change the way that I do my marketing because I am getting more traffic than ever before to my site OnProperty.com.au. I am getting 2,000 people a day, coming to that site which is quite a lot for the Australian property space. And I just cannot seem to convert that traffic into revenue for my business. And so I am very frustrated at the moment. I do not know whether to just push forward to continue marketing the products that I have.

I do not know whether I need to change the pricing or change the positioning or if I need to go in a new direction all together and create new products. I am just feeling very stuck and I cannot work out in my mind what to do to move forward and to get out of this.

I am passionate about it; it is not that I am in a rut and am sick of On Property. I am keen to invest in On Property. I am keen to make it something awesome. But I kind of feel like I have lost that original vision of just trying to help people find and invest in positive cash flow property. It has kind of become this Frankenstein monster where it is a whole bunch of things and tools and courses and a whole bunch of videos that have nothing to do with positive cash flow property.

I just feel like I have lost my way, and I just do not know what I am doing. I do not know if I am at the point where maybe On Property, because I am not willing to compromise on my ethics and sell developments, maybe I am at the point where I need to realize that On Property is not going to be a full time gig for me. It is not going to be a one-site that creates a full time income, and I need to explore other revenue-generating avenues as well.

I have my site DreamyDad.com, which I have created. But that is probably not going to do anything for at least 6 months. I am really spewing that I got rid of Inspiring Audio Books and I got rid of Tired and Sleepy, because at least they were combined making a hundred dollars a month. And if I was at this point right now where I am struggling with On Property, I could work on those and try and scale those. But I am at the point now where really, anything that I want to create, I need to create from scratch because the public speaking site is not making any money and I do not think will be in the future.

I am making some ad revenue on that now, so probably a hundred dollars a month or something in ad revenue. And then the podcasting site that makes a bit of money, but I do not know how I want to scale that. And so I am just stuck and I am frustrated. And I do not know what to do next so I do not know.

I am just working an hour this morning, had to set a couple of things up but then I have date day with my wife. And then I am mentoring at a high school this afternoon, so I will not be doing much work today. And then tomorrow my wife is flying down to Sydney because her sister is opening a new business, so she is going down to help her with that. So I will be on dad duty Friday to Saturday, and then I am probably going to work on Sunday because I have lost a day on Friday.

So at least I have a couple of days where I have an excuse to not work and i can think about my business and I can think about where I want to take it. I have set up like an email mini-course that I am sending out over the next 4 to 7 days to people.

It is actually part of one of my courses, but the benefit is that it kind of suddenly markets my course on how to find positive cash flow properties. But I also use Property Tools inside of that quite heavily and so it markets Property Tools. And really, what I want to find out by sending this out to my list is can I create videos that use Property Tools, will that result in people signing up and using Property Tools.

That is what I want to find out because if I can find out that yes, that is the case. If I create free videos that I can give away where I use Property Tools, and if people will sign up for it because they have seen these free videos, well then I really have a marketing strategy that I can move towards and I can just look at what videos can I create where I use my product, and then I can focus on that.

Or I am even thinking, I am even at a point now, should I turn on Property Listings back to Evergreen? Should I change the pricing back to $30 a month? But should I change it to the Evergreen Launch Funnel where people go through this launch funnel and then it opens for 5 days for them and then it closes. So I am actually thinking of going back to that because at least the revenue for that was a bit more consistent than what I am getting for the moment, which is basically no sales at the moment.

Sales for Property Tools have dropped off. Sales for On Property Listings have dropped off. I was doing really well and I had my best revenue month ever, just like a month and a half ago. And now, I am feeling stuck and that is the process of a startup. And so I do not know how I want to get out of this. I do not know how I am going to do it.

I am really feeling stuck and frustrated. But I did want to document this to you guys and to me in the future to go back and to realize that this is hard, that I need to think my way out of this problem, and i really do not know what to do and I am hoping that I get some sort of spark of genius. I get some sort of idea that can help me, but at the moment I am really stuck.

And so, if you are religious, please pray for me to help give me ideas and to help give me a way forward; or shoot me an email, Ryan@RyanMclean.net and encourage me or share some ideas with me about things that you think I could be doing better because I need your help.

I cannot do this by myself and I think I am realizing that more and more. I really need the input of my wife, and also I need the input of other people and you guys. And I am just trying to work this out and I do not know what to do. Do I push forward? Do I change my pricing? Do I change my marketing strategy? Do I go to a new niche altogether?

If you have any ideas, please email me Ryan@RyanMclean.net. I am going to sign off now. I am just going to go and try and think of something to do. I do not know. If I get an idea, I will let you guys know.

Until next time, if you want instructions turn and listen to me because I have no idea what I am doing. Go and buy some furniture.

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