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Grow My Income By Ranking #1 In Google

Since I have recently installed Google Adsense on CashFlowInvestor.com.au I have been much more motivated to grow the site. It is now making a decent amount of money and I know that if I double the traffic to my site then I can potentially double my income from Google Adsense.

My Short Term Growth Strategy

My short term growth strategy is to:

a) Analyse what keywords I am currently getting traffic from in Google

b) Find out where I am ranking for those keywords

c) If I am not #1 then become #1 by creating killer content

d) I don’t have a back linking strategy and don’t bother building back links and most of the terms I am going after don’t need that sort of ‘grey hat’ marketing strategy

I Just Got Ranked #1 For My Search Term

When I did my initial analysis I found out that I was getting a little bit (not a lot) of traffic from the keyword phrase “How many investment properties can I own?”.

I was ranked #2 in Google for any article on growing your property portfolio (not really relevant).

I wrote a new article titled How Many Investment Properties Can I Own? and I wrote a quality unique article answering this question. I went into detail and wrote over 2,000 words!

Less than 1 week later and I am now ranked #1 in Google for this term. My previous article has dropped from #2 to #18 but it doesn’t matter because I now hold the top spot. This will help drive more traffic and make me more money.

More Articles and Better Rankings

I am now focusing on writing more articles and going after more search terms where I appear on the front page but not in the top spot. The article I am writing at the moment I am ranked #6 for (and the article isn’t really relevant).

I will write a 100% unique and 100% relevant article and I expect that within a month I will have moved from #6 to #1 for this term also. Stay tuned to see how I go on other search terms.

I am also hoping that as a result of this my income will go up month on month. My goal is $1,000/month…let’s see how long it takes me to get there.

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