Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

Finding My “Niche”

For many years I have tried to build “authority” sites. These are sites rich in content where you are the number one source of information on a certain topic.

I think my writing style naturally leads towards authority sites but I have one major issue. I don’t have the time (and focus) to commit to building an authority site. I don’t have the time and focus to build products, to go out there and interview people and be interviewed, to dedicate my life to one topic.

However, on the other hand I have a site like CashFlowInvestor that is naturally obtaining top rankings for competitive keywords without any back linking strategy. The content is great and every month I make money from affiliate sales. To grow my income I just need to grow the content (and that is what I love to do).

Finding My Niche In Multiple Niches

I have come to believe that I holding be trying to build one authority site but that I should build niche sites. Not your typical 10 page niche site but a new type of niche site that has authority content but doesn’t aim to be “the single source” of information on a topic.

That way I can chop and change between niches when it interests me. I can Focus on building long term search engine traffic (not growing a following) and I can focus on creating quality free content rather than wasting time in other less productive areas.

The goal is that slowly over time I will build up a variety of niche sites which all generate a decent income ($100-$1,000/month) with no regular input required. Then I can slowly build up my online income one site at a time until I wake up and find myself with a large media empire 🙂

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