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Goals For 2010: My New Years Resolutions

Even if you don’t believe in ‘resolutions’ as such, almost everyone has goals for things they want to achieve when it comes to the new year. I have both. I have goals, that are realistic, that I want to achieve, and I have resolutions, which are near impossible but would be nice, to achieve. I am just going to write down my goals, and this year I am going to focus on achieving these 4 things.

To Buy 3 Positive Cashflow Properties

This year we almost bought a positive cashflow property. I have gotten good at finding positive cashflow properties that can make us a lot of money. This year all I need to do is find the capital to fund these great investments.

It was funny because in my mind I had the goal of purchasing 3 properties in 2010. Being married and everything I asked my wife “How many properties do you think we should aim to buy in 2010”, and I didn’t mention that I wanted to buy 3. You know what her answer was…you guessed it 3. She said exactly the same thing I was thinking. It is good to know we are on the same page.

Our first property we plan to purchase ourselves. We will either then use that property to pay off our personal debt, or we will use that property to leapfrog into our next two properties. We haven’t decided yet. When we run out of money/available credit, we will then seek Joint Venture partners to provide the credit and initial deposit. While we will find the deals and draw the potential out. We will win, and the Joint Venture partner will get a better return on their money than if they put it in the bank or in the stock market.

To Make The Cashflow From My Debt = $0/Month

Currently our debt is stripping $400/month from our cashflow. That is both interest and repayments. It is my goal this year to make the cashflow from my debt =$0.

One way to do that would be to pay off the full amount. Seeing as we owe $18,500 and I earn less than that, then paying off the whole amount might prove a little difficult (though I know it would be possible). The way I want to do it is this. Purchase a positive cashflow property that is run down. Spend a week or two doing it up, increase rents and get it revalued. Then draw out enough equity to completely pay off our personal loan while still keeping the property positive cashflow. The people who rent my property will then be paying for the debt I have. Thus my cashflow from my debt will be $0/month.

To Increase My Online Passive Income So That It Is Greater Than My Expenses (Including Internet)

Currently my total online expenses are about $80/month. My passive income online is $17/month. This year I want to increase my passive income so that is completely covers my expenses. This means it will not put a strain on my budget and I will have more freedom to work online without worrying about how I am going to pay my internet bill when it comes around.

The $17 I am earning is coming in from Aweber’s Affiliate Program. This year I plan to market that more (probably with a free ebook and some article marketing). I also currently have a sales funnel that I have created (but I don’t have any products to sell). So I plan on creating products for my sales funnel. Once the product is created all the marketing, selling and delivery is automatic and thus it becomes passive income.

To Be A Good Dad

This is by far the most important goal for me. I am having a little girl in February and I want to be a good dad for her. What exactly that entails I do not know, and how I measure the success of this goal I do not know (especially since my daughter won’t be able to tell me how I am going). But still, it is a goal none the less.

I look forward to reading this in a years time and seeing how I did in 2010. I know I will be a completely different person at the end of the year.

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