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Getting A Congregation To Interact With Your Sermon

As I sit on my seat in church there are 3 flyers. One promoting what’s coming up, one for new people to get connect and one for tithing.

After every single sermon there is a call to respond…to become a Christian.

Joshua Kelsey spoke at our Church on Sunday. His sermon was funny and engaging about creating hope and joy but I walked away feeling I couldn’t do anything with the information. It all sounded good but there were no action points.

A quick Google search found a linked in profile and a blog that he hasn’t written on in 10 months.

I wanted to interact with him about his sermon, ask him how I can outwork it and ask him about his story (he is moving to Brooklyn to plant a church).

But my only option was to put my hand up to become a Christian (done that), tithe (do that), or “get connected” in the church (doing it). None of which have anything to do with what I just spent the last hour listening to.

But I can easily find and connect with people who just watched the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”.

Our message is more important than a TV show, but it seems my only option is to sit and listen to someone spray a sermon at me or talk to my friends about it.

What I would like:
A link on the church website dedicated to that sermon where I can read notes, ask questions and interact with the speaker and church members. Like a forum or a blog post with an option to comment.

Even an email to ask the preacher questions would be better than nothing.

People will forget 99% of what you preached to them about on Sunday. How much would they remember if you engaged them in the experience?

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