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#39 Resetting My Values By Listening To Less Business Podcasts Sat 22nd Aug 2015

Today I realised (as I was driving to get some dinner) I need to stop consuming business podcasts. I also need to reset my values if I want to move to 25 hours per week.

Hey guys! Ryan here from Instructions Not Included. Just a quick recording in my car. It is Saturday. I did not actually work today but I have been thinking about my business and I think I talked about it in the last episode but basically I kind of set a goal for myself that by the end of this financial year I want to be working for 25 hours a week or about 5 hours per day, with enough time to go surfing or enough time to spend time with my family and things like that.

And today I realized as I was driving somewhere, I think I was driving to pick up dinner, we got some take away, some pizza, crust pizza, which if you are in Australia, crust pizza is absolutely awesome. Chicken Peri Peri, so good!

Anyway, I am driving to get pizza, I am listening to a business podcast and I realized I really need to stop consuming business podcast. If i want to work 25 hours a week, how many hours a week do I spend listening to podcast. It is probably an excess of 10. So I am thinking I could save 10 hours per week on my business just by stop listening to podcast. I already know what to do.

I already know what to do to be successful so do I need to learn more of all of these stuff which kind of takes me in different directions and spins me around? Well no. Probably not. So something that I could do is to limit my podcast consumption for business podcast.

So okay, that is interesting. And then my mum is up here from Queensland so I dropped her home and I am driving back listening to music, just some quiet and I am letting my mind think. And I am thinking to myself I actually need to reset my values if I want to move to 25 hours a week. Because if all I am doing is listening to business podcast and thinking about business, business, business,business..I am putting so much value on my business that every waking hour that I am not doing something I want to be working on my business and that is because I value it above everything else.

So I need to actually make the decision to value other things, to value surfing, to value time with my family, to value these things and to stop spending time on other things and to actually begin to try and see the value in these other things that I want to do.

And I guess part of that is stepping away from listening to so many business podcast and business audio books and listening to other things or not listening to anything but thinking about my family or thinking about other things that I want to do and actually getting value and getting enjoyment out of other stuff apart from my business.

So that is a big step for me and so I thought on the way home I just quickly stopped to get some ice creams for my wife Рshe has had a hard day, so I thought get some ice creams, give her a treat. And probably if I was not listening to a business podcast on the way home that thought would not have even entered my mind because I will be thinking about my business, how I can make more money, blah, blah, blah. So by changing what I value and by changing what I  am spending my time thinking about I can actually change the outcomes in my life.

So I am thinking about if I want to achieve that goal of 25 hours per week, I need to change my values. I need to change the things that I focus on. And that is going to be a big process because I love business podcast. I love learning about business. I love the game. But just business is not making me happy. So that is going to be a process but it is going to be fun.

Alright guys. That is it for me for tonight. Thanks so much for listening!

Until next time, if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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