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From now on I will be posting my weekly email newsletters that I write so that I can give my email subscribers quick reference to emails that have been written in the past. You can view all the past emails by clicking on the “Email Newsletters” Category in the sidebar.

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This Email Details The Process That Will Teach You How You Can Generate A Passive Income Online
Hello {!name},

In this short email I am going to show you a proven way to generate a full time passive income online by only investing some time and a couple of dollars.

How much money would you need to become financially secure if you earned 7% on your investments? If you wanted to earn $100,000 per year you would need $1.43 million dollars. I don’t know about you but that sort of money isn’t easy to come by.

To earn a passive income in property, shares and other investments you often need money to make money. The internet is one of the only places where you can generate a passive income with little or no financial investment.

Almost anyone can succeed online using the method I am about to show you, and that means you!

This is not a get rich quick formula, but it can help you generate a passive income that can help you become financially secure in 5 years or less.

Make Money Doing What You Already Do On The Internet

Do you use the internet to check and send emails? Over 90% of people using the internet use it to check email. It makes sense to take advantage of what you and everyone else is ALREADY using.

Generating an income through email is easier than you would think (and no you don’t have to market to your friends). It goes something like this:

You create a webpage (called a squeeze page) that collects people’s names and email addresses so that you can email them (we call these people email subscribers). You then email them with helpful information as well as market your own and other people’s products. When you make a sale you take a commission.

The goal is to get as many email subscribers as physically possible and make as much from each email subscriber as physically possible. You also want to set it up so you emails are sent out automatically. You write your emails once and then they are sent out to your subscribers on autopilot, generating you passive income.

So How Can You Do This Successfully?

First You Need A Website
Creating your own website is cheap and easy. First you need a domain name (that is your www. .com) and you need somewhere to host your website. Get your domain name and hosting from Hostgator and use the coupon code RYANMCLEAN or RICHACADEMY to get your first month of hosting for just $0.01. Click here to get your special discount hosting now. Then install your site. An easy way to do this is to use WordPress, which is a free blogging platform.

Secondly You Need To Collect People’s Names
You need to place a form of your site to collect people’s names. I use (and would always recommend) Aweber Email Marketing Service. It is the most professional email marketing service and it is used by all the top email marketers (and I mean ALL of them). It is one of the only email marketing tools that allows you to do everything on autopilot. It is a set and forget marketing tool.

Some people try to count their pennies and host their own email list or use one of the free services out there. This will cost you a lot of money in the long run and is not worth doing. In fact you can sign up to Aweber for JUST $1 for the first month if you sign up after clicking here! So what are you waiting for, you could be on your way to a lifetime of passive income? $1 for this awesome service is a bargain and it means no risk for you!

For more information on Aweber read my review.

Thirdly You Need To Get Some Traffic
It is no good having a sign up form on your website if no one visits your website. To get good traffic on autopilot for FREE write articles and submit them to EzineArticles.com. Place a link to your website in the signature box at the bottom of your articles. This one method alone can send you a lot of traffic and a lot on new subscribers on a regular basis (it does for me!)

Fourthly You Need Some Products To Market
The niche you are in will determine what products you market. Most online products have an affiliate program (that allows you to take a cut on every sale you create).
It is always best to market your own products, however, if you don’t have any of your own products then other people’s products will do fine. Signing up for affiliate networks such as Market Leverage and Motive Interactive have hundreds of products and offers that you can market. The better and more relevant your products are the more money you will make.

Finally You Need Some Well Written Emails
Finally you need to write some emails that will be sent to your subscribers when they sign up for your email newsletter. Just write short helpful emails and make sure you mention your products in each email. No mention of the products = no sales.

Email marketing is the easiest way to generate a passive income online. If you can do email marketing successfully (and I believe you can) then you could set yourself up for life better than any retirement fund ever will.

You can generate a passive income through email marketing in almost any niche, so no matter what your interests it can work for you. It can be a great second income and eventually it could completely replace your current income, allowing you to quit your job and be financially secure.

To Your Success

Ryan McLean
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Money Quote!

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work. ~Robert Orben

Action Point:

Try your luck at email marketing today. You could set yourself up for life.
Worst case scenario is that it costs you $1.01 for Aweber and Hostgator costs and you walk away.
Your future is hanging in the balance and you could provide yourself and your family with the lifestyle of your dreams. You will be kicking yourself if you miss this opportunity. Follow the steps in this email and start generating a passive income online TODAY!!!

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