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Creating Inspiration

I love listening to audiobooks while I drive between sales calls. The books I love best are the ones that inspire me to do better and achieve better.

They are entertaining and they work to change my mindset about how I work so that I can work smarter and get better results.

It got me thinking…how can I make my sales calls more inspiring. I want my sales call to be
– More entertaining
– More inspiring
– Give my customers the motivation and ability to achieve more

To me that doesn’t mean throwing out the messaging that the market so needs to hear, or even changing it. The message is still the same but it just needs to be delivered in a better way.

Today I began using more enthusiasm in my voice, began painting a clearer picture with clearer action steps to achieve success. I cut out a lot of words and sentences and tried to get the message across as succinctly as possible.

Have I perfected my messaging? No
Do I still have a lot of work to do? Yes
Am I engaging with customers better? Yes
Am I enjoying my day and bringing more enthusiasm to my sales calls? Most definitely

I believe the end result will be happier more engaged customers and better results both for my customer base and my company.

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