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Changing One Of My Sales Goals

Late 2012 I created the goal for myself to achieve “rep of the year”.

This prestigious goes to the sales rep who finishes in the top 10% of sales to target and who is seen to be the greatest contributor to the company as a whole.

However, upon reflection I have decided to change this goal.

Henry Ford is known for a number of things. One thing he is known for is the fact that he was always surrounded by people smarter than him. He was not intimidated by these people but saw it as the best way to learn and grow.

There is another rep in my team, Shaun, who I believe has the potential to be “rep of the year”. He is gutsy and diligent and works on the right things.

Even though he started after me I believe I have a lot I can learn from him. He has the potential to be phenomenal in 2013.

My new goal is to help make Shaun “rep of the year” for 2013. I still plan to finish in the top 10%, but I get more pleasure out of seeing others succeed and the company succeed that this would be a huge career success for me.

I am looking forward to partnering up with Shaun in 2013 and being “peer mentors” to each other.

All for one and one for all.

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