Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

Becoming A Linchpin

Am I indispensable?

The answer is no. At the end of the day every single person can be trained to be replaced by someone else.

However, every single day I strive to be indispensable.

To my boss, to my team, to my company and most importantly to my customers.

More and more the generic space is becoming flooded with “same same” products. In a commodity market what makes one company stand out from another? What makes my company better than the “me too” companies that I compete with.

I have a figure in my head that I believe I am worth. Every single day it is my goal to prove that I am worth that figure. No, it is not what I am paid…it is what I strive to be paid.

I want to innovate, so I can provide my customers with better access to important market information. But not only to provide the access to them, but to present the content in a way that they will respond for the better of their business, their customers and the industry as a whole.

I want to challenge the status-quo, not just because I get bored of because I want to make a name for myself, but because I believe that it can be done better and it SHOULD be done better. The day I accept things as they are in the company I work for is the day I will quit, because they will no longer need me.

I want to cultivate a culture of teamwork, because I am a strong believer of surrounding yourself with people smarter than you and drawing out the gold in people. I may be out performing you, or you may be outperforming me, but I am positive that no matter what there is one area of your work or life where you excel…it is my goal to learn what I can from you and to encourage you to teach others so we can all become better.

I don’t want to adapt to change, I want to create it. The generic industry moves on largely despite what I do. However, I have the unique opportunity to create the way that my company and my customers adapt to this change. So what if the government won’t save customers a dollar today for choosing a generic…how can we create a pharmacy when that customer is rewarded for taking a generic and walks out feeling better about themselves and their health as a result of their choice?

So what make my company better than the ‘same same’ companies out there? The answer is: Me

I create value where I fax machine cannot. I create value where a telephone call cannot. I create value in my customer interactions. I strive to be a linchpin, I strive to be indispensable.


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