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#9 Growth And Income Statistics For 2014

I had some pretty amazing growth for my main blog OnProperty.com.au in 2014. In this episode I share real statistics and compare the stats from 2013 to 2014.

The growth on the podcast and the videos with explode your mind.

life-lowresIn Today’s Episode

When I compares the figures from August of this year where around 23,000 people visited my main website to December of this year this month where only around 15,000 visited my website it is easy to get depressed and feel like I am going backwards, however when I compare this year to last year and see how far I have come the results are truly amazing.

Welcome to instructions included a start up story about me Ryan McLean as I am trying to grow a little online business into a fully pledge company that has a major impact on the world. I decided to sit down and look at my statics to see how I have really be gone over the years, as I am recording this only a couple days left in the year soon we will be into Christmas and into the New Years and I am about to do on holidays in two days so I thought if I am going to do this I might as well do it now and I want to share these statics with you so I am going to look at the statics on my website, my pod cast, my youtube channel, and then I am also going to look at my income as well which is something that Jessie encouraged me to do.

JESSIE: I think for your pod cast I really to see some things that you try and test over time and see results and if they succeed or fail, I would really love to see some income reports and things like that as well. What kind of money you generate and what kind of expenses are and the breakdown of the areas you generate money and the breakdown of the areas where the expenses come from.

RYAN: in future episodes I am actually considering sharing income reports looking at both income and expenses however I do need to speak with my wife before I share those details and have her blessing on the matter as well. But before we look at income let’s have a look at the visitors to my website I like to tract visits rather than page views and things like that because visits represent people who are coming to my website and are coming back to my website.

So I am going to look at a few different things, I am going to look at the year as a whole 2013 compared to 2014 and I am also going to look at my most highly traffic months as well compared to each other for the year so let’s start with the website. So in 2013 my website use to be cashflowinvestor.com.au in October of 2013 when I moved full time online I renamed that to positivepropertyaustralia.com I then realized that positive property is actually a trade mark here in Australia so I renamed it positivecashflowaustralia.com I then decided that I wanted .com.au so I changed it to positivecashflowaustrilia.com.au and I then found onproperty.com.au which is what I finally settled on. So I went through a few different brand names in 2013 and 2014 so the traffic stats for this is going to be across all those websites that I had.

So in 2013 I had 71,677 visits to my website even just saying that out loud sounds such as massive number 71,677  visits that is insane no matter what way you spin it that’s tens of thousands of people that I impacted as a result of my website. 2014 is even more incredible where 185,999 visits to my website that’s a growth of 2.6 X so 2.6 times bigger in 2014 to 2013. So when I was thinking I had gone down ward since August well actually I have improved upon last year almost 3 times in terms of the visitors and when I look at the biggest months for 2013 and 2014 they are actually the same August has always been the biggest month for me for the last four or five years and it is no different this year. So 2013 of August I had eleven thousand four hundred and four nine people visit my website and in August of this year I had twenty three thousand and twenty people visited my website which is growth of approximately 2x, so two times the growth as to what I had in 2013. So 2.6 and 2x that’s pretty good and I am pretty happy with that growth having twice as many people coming to my website than I had last year is pretty significant and I am very happy with that.

I had set a big hag of one hundred thousand visits per month in 2015 which would be 5X in 2015 compared to 2014 but as I discussed in a previous episode I am not aiming for that anymore and strategies are changing. I have started to realize that maybe what I had in 2013 is not going to pen out that way, the reason that I thought this was I keep sitting down at my computer and I know that I need to do stuff on property, I know that I need to record videos on pod cast, I know that I have got transcriptions that need editing and blog post that need doing, I know there are episodes that I have recorded and uploaded and needs to be published but every morning I just sit here and I just feel like I can’t do the work I feel like I can’t do it.

So next I am going to look at the pod cast then I am going to look at the videos before we go into the income so pod cast is something that is fairly new for me I started it in 2013 but late 2013 and I actually started daily episodes on Boxing Day 2013 so 2013 pod cast downloads I had two thousand and eighty eight (2,088) episodes downloads for my podcast. In 2014 eighty five thousand four hundred and twenty eight (85,428) podcast down loads that’s a 41X compared to 2013, so obviously you can see that maybe I had 2.6X on the website but having that growth over the podcast has been significant.

My biggest month in 2013 was in December having one hundred and eighty six podcast downloads and my biggest month is 2014 was actually February, I had ten thousand four hundred and eight four downloads that’s a 5X growth on the biggest month of the year but 41X year on year, it goes to show when you start from nothings any growth is pretty good or at least it looks good when you are talking about how many multiples better it is.

So now on to my You Tube channel I basically had no video presence in 2013 and I started creating some toward the end of the year so 2013i had eight hundred and sixty one views of my You Tube videos and 2014 I had thirty one thousand four hundred and thirty nine views of the You Tube videos so that’s growth of 37X over the year and when we look at the biggest month it was actually October of the both of the years. Four hundred views in October 2013 and three thousand nine hundred nine four views in October 2014 which is 10X growth biggest month on biggest month so pretty significant stuff and if we then go ahead and combine everything so combine our web visits with our pod cast down loads with our You Tube views in 2013 I had a total seventy four thousand six hundred and twenty six and then in 2014 I had three hundred and two thousand eight hundred and fifty six which is a 4X growth over the years so between 2013 and 2014 if we combine everything together then we seen 4X growth.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know about any stocks on the stock market that ten to generate 4X growth so am pretty happy with that. I put a lot of work in so to be able to sit at the end of the year and say well this is what I have achieved this is the growth that has occurred as the effort I have put in is pretty exciting to sit down and to see that. I am really looking forward to 2015, and the other thing I want to share with you was my email subscribers as well.

I have been actively growing my email list encouraging people to sign up giving away free reports and things like that to get people to sign up for my email list and in St Michaels do sat the money is in the list so the more you grow your list he easier it is to make money and so in December of 2013 at the end of the year I had a total of one thousand and twenty two people signed up for my email and news letter and as of today and I am recording this I actually got three thousand eight hundred and ninety eight people signed up for my email list, so that’s so that’s a growth of 3.8X if we round it up 4X and that kind of co inside actually with when we combine the web, the pod cast, the videos, that was about 4X growth and so to see the email list grow to 4X at the same time is really exciting as well.

It means that I am focusing on email just as much as I am focusing on growing my views and growing my visits and all that sort of stuff so all across the board we are seeing huge growth which is really exciting.

Okay now the path that you probably been waiting for which is my income report now I am leaving out December because December isn’t finished and truthfully I really have any idea how much money I am brining in each month until I sit down at the end of that month and say how much did I actually make. I am in a fortunate position where I have a buffer fund of about four or five thousand dollars so if I am not making enough I can draw from that fund in order to survive, however what I have done is I looked at the whole year minus December and I can see that my profit for the year was twenty one thousand and eight three dollars ($21,083).

Now there are some extra taxable expenses that I could take off that profit like portions of my phone bill and my rent for the office space and internet and that sort of stuff but I have decided not to do that because I use to pay that sort of stuff out of my own pocket anyway but now because I use this for business I can claim some of those business expenses legally.

So the profit for 2013 not including December is $21,000 dollars the worst month that I had was March where I only made $113.21, so can you can imagine working forty hour weeks all month to make $113.00 yea it is not super exciting. My best month was November where I made $7,296 so in November I had the commission from a product that I had recommend where a few of my email subscribers had signed up for that and so that was a pretty big month for me. So for those of you who don’t like data this was been a pretty boring episode and you probably don’t even up to this point.

For those of you that are still listening, that means you must enjoy seeing the facts, seeing the figures and I would love to know what you actually think about this. Do you want to see more of this do you want to see more of my growth or the decline, do you want to see income reports that sorts of stuff. I for one think it is really exciting to see these sorts of reports over the course of the year because again when I look at November I mean when I look at August and I had twenty three thousand and now December is fourteen thousand it is easy to get disillusion and to get discourage however, when you look at year on year it is actually phenomenal and pretty exciting.

So I am pretty pumped to see what is going to happen in 2015 I have only done the measurements on property in this episode because all my other sites don’t actually make that much money so it is not really worth going into the details on them. Next year if I do some more site and start focusing on them then obviously I will share that growth with you.

Thanks so much for listening to this episode of instructions not included here is a sniper from tomorrows episode when I talk about exactly how I make money in my business and explain that to you and break it down for you.

So the breakdown of my income for on property is that I have a premium membership website that’s call on property plus, now I charge $30.00 a month or $300.00 a year for access to on property plus. On property plus generates the bulk of my monthly income and so that probably ranges from about fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars per month at the moment depending on the month.

If you want to get access to that episode or any of the previous episodes then you need to subscribe to the pod cast go into I tunes if you are on a I phone go into stitch I if on an android device and touch button instruction instructions not included, hit the subscribed button down load all the episode and if you can leave a five star rating as well which is going help more and more people get exposed to this pod cast.

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