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#3 Why These 10 YouTube View Are Particularly Exciting

No one celebrates 10 view on YouTube. Unless of course you’re me.

Today I talk about why these 10 views are so important to me as well as my desire to move forward in my business.

life-lowresIn Today’s Episode

Ten views. No one celebrates 10 views on their YouTube video. A million views
Maybe, 10 million views definitely, but ten? Why would you celebrate 10 views? Well I celebrated 10 views today and I’m going to share with you why these ten views are so important to me.

Welcome to Instructions Not Included with me Ryan McLane. Follow me on my journey as I try and make a decent living online. Watch over my shoulder and see what I’m doing day in day out to build my business to hopefully be a successful online business.

I’m going to share with you why those 10 YouTube views were so important. First I want to give you an update on my new video strategy which I talked about yesterday. If you haven’t listened to yesterday’s episode you might want to go back and do that but basically I talked about the fact that video was draining me. Creating videos and being on camera was emotionally draining and I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore. As a result I’ve implemented a new strategy and that is basically to record a podcast but at the same time I film my slide show on my computer screen. Therefore to video that I can put up to YouTube and it does have a few slides so it’s not completely boring but it’s not as emotionally draining as filming myself on camera and needing to be excited on camera.

I recorded three videos yesterday which isn’t a massive number of videos for me in one day, being the most that I’ve ever recorded in a day is about 20. And so I recorded three yesterday and I found that even though it wasn’t shorter to make these videos, in fact the prep time was probably a little bit longer. I did find it a lot less emotionally draining. I feel like today I can go again and create more videos, whereas usually I’d record a few videos and I just feel so exhausted that the next day I wouldn’t want to do any recording at all. I also found as a side benefit that my videos were shorter and more succinct which means they are more to the point. And I think that this is going to translate a lot better into the transcriptions.

So rather than have really long videos with really lengthy transcriptions of 2,000 or 3,000 words, I think because I can get to the point faster I’m going to have transcriptions of 1,000 to 2,000 words, which is really my sweet spot and where I want to be in terms of the content I’m putting out. It is therefore less training, more to the point, which I think I can convey my message better and that’s probably just because I don’t have to think about how I look or how I’m moving my hands and so it frees my brain up to be able to focus more on the content that I’m delivering and the way that I’m saying it, so I can get it across better.

Now, let’s go on to those 10 YouTube views. I’m on YouTube channel at the moment as I record this. I have 177 subscribers. That’s not a lot but I’m a very niche topic so I’m pretty happy with 177 subscribers. I get about 100 to 150 views per day, but the thing that really struck me with that I uploaded a bunch of videos yesterday and I checked this morning and I’ve already got 10 views. I uploaded about five videos and a couple of them had 10 views, one had 4, one had 6. Previously in the past when I would upload a YouTube video it would get no views in the first 24 hours, nothing, not a view. It would only get viewed when someone would go in to YouTube and search for a topic and then find me that way or maybe they searched in Google, but never would I get views and likes and things like that right of the back.

These 10 views are really exciting to me because it means that I’m getting instant rewards for the content I’m putting out. Rewards is the wrong word, well having an instant impact on people’s lives and people are instantly consuming the content that I’ve put out. They’re also liking it and they’re commenting on it, which I think can only be good for my rankings in YouTube.

Usually I would create content and it would be what I would call the Google log and that would be I create content and it wouldn’t rank to have seen much traffic for about six to nine months and then if the content was good and it ranks properly I get significant amounts of traffic and then I would get that traffic over and over again. But to be able to get these people viewing my content straight off the bat, I am hoping that their likes, their comments, maybe their shares will eventually lower that Google log for me.

So rather than taking six or nine months to rank for a video I’ll start ranking a lot faster because I’ve got that instant interaction which is a positive sign and so therefore Google more likely to show my videos. It is going to lead to more views and it’s going to lead to more direct correlation between what I’m actually doing today and the results my business is actually getting.

I love making videos, creating content and helping people but I hate admin and so I know I need to an outsource it. Gary V is telling me I need to outsource it. Just a warning that in this Gary V video/audio that I’m about to share there is some swear, so if you don’t like swearing or your kids are in the car, then just fast forward about 30 seconds. “Patience and passion, let’s start with passion. There’re way too many people in this room right now that are doing stuff they hate. Please stop doing that. There is no reason in 2014 to do shit you hate, none. Promise me you won’t, because you can lose just as much money being happy as hell.”

As I talked about yesterday, I decided to create a list of things that I was going to outsource so as I was doing tasks, I making notes of things that I needed to outsource. Here’s a few ideas of some of the things that I’m going to outsource in the coming months: Take and upload a thumbnail to YouTube, write YouTube description; Create a blog post, add blog post, add the title, add the code, add the YouTube video, add the podcast, add the image, add the transcription and schedule it, order transcriptions and then take those transcriptions and put them into the blog post. There are just a couple things that I wrote down yesterday that I need to begin outsourcing. Next step for me is to really get this in a step-by-step process. Here is exactly what you do. I need a way to create a training video for that and then also a way to document that so I can follow along and see if it’s being completed and see if it’s being completed properly. That’s our plans for the next couple of months in terms of outsourcing.

Get rid of some of that stuff that I hate. So I hate admin. That’s obvious but Instructions Not Included may have been enjoying this. This has been fun the last couple of days working on this. It has really invigorated me and make me realize that my business isn’t just On Property, my business is so much bigger than that or at least it can be so much bigger than that. I feel like for the last six months or twelve months my head has just been in On Property doing everything to do with that and you feel so small after a while that, “Is that this what I’m doing?” I wanted to build a big business. Is this all I’m ever going to do is build this one property website? However after doing Instructions Not Included even though I haven’t talked about big strategy or devise anything, me just doing this and stepping out of my old routine has really opened up my mind to the opportunities that are out there, the content that I can create, the education that I can deliver. I feel impelled all of a sudden that I’m not just the property guy who’s talking about property but I can do whatever I want go into any niche that I want to go in and I can dominate that and I can do well. Stay tuned for more updates around that because I’m not just On Property. I have a bigger business and want to expand that and build it into a business that builds itself that’s not just a job that I own but it’s a business that I run and take care of and can build.

Ever since I heard this I wanted to be 40 days ahead of myself in terms of my business. That means I want to have 40 days of podcast recorded before the podcast launches:

John Lee Dumas: ….and I set up 40 interviews that summer from my launch date of September 20th”.

Interviewer: So September 20th was your launch date, when did you actually start doing interviews?

John Lee Dumas: I started doing the interviews August of 2012.

Pat Flynn: Okay, so you gave yourself a little bit of time.”

That was Pat Flynn from Smartpassiveincome.com interviewing John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneuronfire.com. Entrepreneur on Fire is a daily podcast where every single day John interviews a new entrepreneur and he went from he went from earning nothing to over $10,000 a month in under five months and I think he now earns over $200,000 a year. So it’s pretty motivational stuff to see the growth of his podcast. When I decided that I wanted to do a daily podcast, this was one of my major motivations, the John Lee Dumas’ story and how he grew his business. The fact that he was always 40 days ahead of time really inspired me. The furthest ahead I’ve ever been, I think is about 14 days, maybe 7 days, but usually I’m about one day behind or right on the day. This creates a lot of double handling for me. I need to go in and publish the podcasts and because I don’t have time to upload the video, because my internet is slow I publish just the podcast, now I have to upload the video and go back in and add that into it at a later date and then transcriptions not ready because I had to publish it straight away, so I got to order the transcription then when that’s ready, I got to go back in and edit that and then I got to go back in and edit that transcription again at a later date and so I’m just constantly chasing my tail. And every single blog post I’m going into it five six seven times before it’s actually completed. However, you get ahead of yourself. That would make outsourcing so much easier. It would mean that the transcriptions would be ready before I actually launch a blog post. That means that the videos will be uploaded. It means that I can just do everything at once. I can also batch my processes so I can do videos on one day or uploading on one day and I can do transcriptions on another day or editing on another day. Therefore I can really begin to batch it together and do a lot all at once.

My goal is to get 40 days ahead. I’m hoping that with my new video strategy I can bang out another three or four videos today and so then I’ll be a couple of days ahead and then next week my goal is to really start creating more and more videos so I can get ahead. I’m going away in December for Christmas for a week so I’ll be off work for maybe seven business days or something like that. I am therefore going to fall behind again so I really need to get ahead just for Christmas anyway. So I want to get ahead next week so I don’t have to worry about Christmas but then also that I can eventually get to that 40 days ahead. And when we get there, we will celebrate.

Okay, so that completes today’s episode. Here are some scenes from Monday’s episode where I’m talking about “How I create The Content That I Create”:

But how do you find things to talk about every single day? I’m not reviewing wine. I’m not reviewing property. So how do I know what to talk about that’s going to grow my business engage people? And the fact of the matter is most people are actually searching for property stuff on Google knowing YouTube and not through the podcast. So how do I target that avenue, but still do daily episodes? And then along came Marcus Sheridan.

Marcus Sheridan: “I believe firmly that the ultimately philosophy for content, for teaching, for you really telling the world about what it is that you do, but more importantly how to solve their problems is simple, it comes down to four words, “if they ask you answer.” That’s what it is. If you’ve ever been asked a question it merits an answer. It should be answered on your website right now.”

If you want to check out that episode or subscribe to the podcast so you can get updates of every episode that comes out, search for Instructions Not Included in iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you listen to your podcast or go to instructionsnotincluded.tv.

Thanks for listening and go out and make this day great for yourself.

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