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20 Websites

Goal for 2013: Create 20 Niche Websites and make them profitable

I have to thank Mark Mason over at Late Night Internet Marketing. I stole this goal directly from him.


Sites Created: 2/20
Niches Identified and Domains Bought: 3/20

Good news is my first sites are getting traffic and is profitable!

Site #1 (public speaking niche) – Brought in about $30 this month

Site #2 (personal development niche) – Brought in $35 in it’s first month!

Not a bad start.

Currently I am setting up a niche website default template. This contains
– WordPress installation
– 17 different plugins configured with my preferences
– 6 default pages (Contact, Archives, Privacy Policy, Home, Blog, About)
– Intellitheme installed and adsense configured

So far I have spent 2.5 hours setting this up and only have adsense configuration left to do (1-2 hours).

I will then be able to save this template and use WordPress Duplicator to clone this template for all new sites.

Then next step will be content. Do I create it myself or pay to get it done?

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