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My wife has been away this weekend having a break and thus I have had the nights to try and get some work done on my websites.

Creating websites can be extremely time consuming and I can see why many people give up before they make any money. Even editing articles that were written for me is proving to be a mammoth task.

Achievements In The Last 2 Days

New Niche Site Up – What is now my 4th niche site is up and running. I have commissioned 14 articles to get written for this site – currently I have 5 articles live.

7 New Articles on a Winning Niche Site – I commissioned 10 new articles for a niche site which is currently making about $60/month. It only had 5 articles on the site, so I have more than doubled the site’s size

Website Optimization – I also took this opportunity to maximize the above website. Some SEO tweaks, interlinking between articles and introducing multiple amazon affiliate links into the content. I am excited to see how these go.

I have already made a sale on Amazon from one of my other niche sites – It could be a good additional source of revenue.

$100/Website Goal and More

I have a goal to develop 20 new websites this year – I am now at 3 (15% of the way there baby!)

I also have the goal for each of these websites to earn $100/month.

Originally my goal was $50/month but I realized there is absolutely NO WAY I wouldn’t “double down” on the winning websites by adding more content to them. Just like I did this weekend.

New goal – I want to have a weekend getaway where I go away (by myself) for the weekend (Friday/Saturday night) and just work my ass off for 2 days straight.

In 2 days I could probably get the basics for at least 5-10 sites up, so then I can just work on them as the year progresses.

I’m having fun striving towards these goals, but I wish there were more hours in the days.

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