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Details For Writers

Welcome to the team! I am excited to have you working as one of my writers.

The Writing and Editing Process

Upon joining the team you will be provided with a spreadsheet that will detail the articles you are assigned to write. Here you will find article outlines and the document link to deliver your article.

Please watch this quick 3 minute video running your through the spreadsheet and how to use it:

Click here to watch the video

Expect edits and revisions for your first few articles.

I like to work closely with my writers in the beginning to ensure that the writing guidelines are met and you understand exactly how I like my articles to be written.

This means your first few articles will likely have a fair amount of feedback and require some edits.

As you write more articles for me and we learn each other’s style most writers find that little to no edits are required on their work.

For good writers articles are fairly easy to create and ongoing work provides you with consistency of income.

PLEASE NOTE: I have quite a high standard and articles must provide THE BEST answer/solution to the search query. Poorly researched or poorly written articles do not make the cut and will not be accepted.

The Payment Process

Payments are made via PayPal or Bank Transfer (through Wise.com) or via Payoneer AFTER articles are submitted and any required revisions are completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Articles are not paid for until article is written and any required edits/revisions are made. I do not provide upfront payments prior to articles being written.

The quantity of articles you write will determine the frequency of payment:

To be paid you must send an email to ryan@ryanmclean.net with an invoice for the articles requiring payment. This can be a PDF invoice or invoice through PayPal. Once I have received the invoice I will make payment.

I have a large team of writers and pay them quickly and consistently. If you have any questions in regards to these payment terms please let me know.

For Trial Articles

For your first trial article payment will be made after the completion of any required edits on that article.

Articles will be paid for using the following formula:

Cost per word x requested wordcount

For example if your cost per word was $0.03 and the requested wordcount was 1,000 words payment would be $0.03 x 1,000 = $30.

If you ended up writing a bit extra (saying 1,050 words or 1,100 words) payment is still based on the requested wordcount only. You cannot charge for words above the requested wordcount unless otherwise specified.

You will still need to send an invoice/payment request as outlined above.


I communicate with all my writers through Slack and do not communicate via email (except for invoices) as this gets too difficult to manage.

Upon joining the team you will be sent a Slack invite link and we can communicate through the DMs there.

My Availability

I am not always available.

My main work days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-4pm (AEST – Sydney time). You should only expect revisions, payments and responses on these days.

I occasionally work Thursday and Fridays during school hours however sick kids, school holidays etc often interrupt this.

Every now and then I will jump on and do some work on weekends, providing revisions or responding to writers. However, this is infrequent and should not be expected.

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