Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

Trying Infolinks

This weekend I have decided to bite the bullet and try the ad program “Infolinks” on two of my websites.

Ultimately I would rather build authority sites and make money from selling my own products but I currently just don’t have the time. I like the idea that Infolinks could allow me to focus on creating free content and still get paid for it. Then once I make more money that would help free up time to invest in the authority that I wanted to build in the first place.

I trialled Amazon on my movie review site “Is It A Good Movie” and that flopped (I made $0.10 in 2 months and all I sold was a mobile phone ringtone (not even a movie)) and I have been selling books through Fishpond on my Cashflow Investor site which is going well.

I am curious to see how Infolinks performs. I will give it a minimum of 1 month to see if it is worth using continuously. After Infolinks I am also looking to test Media.net which I hear is very similar to Adsense and has some great publisher options.

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