Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

I bought a website for $155…can it become a cash cow?

A couple of days ago I bought a niche adsense site for $155. It was making approximately $7.75 per month so that means I bought it for 20X (20 months revenue).

What I would ultimately like to do is buy sites for $2,000 that are earning $100/month and grow them into $1,000/month sites.

This site is a test case of whether or not it is viable to purchase prebuilt websites and turn them into cash cows.

I will be fixing up the content on the site (making it better reading), adding more content to grow traffic and some link building.

My only goal with this site is to make my money back in 12 months. Ideally through income direct from the site but if that fails I will sell the site at the end of the 6 months to.recoup my losses.

I will keep this blog updates on my progress. Today the site received 8 visitors and $0.00 in income. But it also moved from place #6 to place #5 in the rankings for it’s primary keyword. Time will tell if this can be a success.

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