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My Websites

On Property

OnProperty is an Australian property blog where I release daily videos, podcasts and articles.

My content is downloaded and viewed over 15,000 times per month.

I also have the following products associated with this blog:

Positive CashFlow Academy

Positive CashFlow Tools

Positive CashFlow Finder

Public Speaking Power

PSP helps people improve their public speaking skills from the comfort of their own home. We talk about everything from the mental game of public speaking to activities you can do to improve your speaking ability.

I also release a daily video, podcast and article on this website and it is slowly growing to be an authority in the public speaking space.

Inspiring Audiobooks

My love for audiobooks led me to create a site where I could review individual audiobooks and point people in the right direction for their audiobook search.

I create video reviews of audiobooks I have personally listened to as well as lists of the top audiobooks in each category to help people find great content quickly.

Tired and Sleepy

TAS is a niche website focused on the topic of fatigue. Started as a side project while I was away for work in August 2012 it has grown to be a very successful blog, helping people understand their fatigue and take steps towards gaining more energy.

Travel Australia With Kids

TAWK started as a side project when I loosely decided I wanted to leave my job as a pharmaceutical rep to travel around Australia in a caravan with my wife and children.

We created a savings plan but abandoned the idea when we relocated from Newcastle to the Central Coast and obtained a great network of friends.

This is a pretty stagnant site and sits doing very little. But the dream to travel with my children is still alive in my heart so new content may be added in the future.

CashFlow Investor

My original property site for Australian property investors. This site was rebranded to “Positive CashFlow Australia” in October 2013 when I moved full time into internet marketing.

Currently no new content has been added in quite some time. It continues to operate as a traffic generator, lead generator and passive income generator.

Eventually I may migrate the posts and articles over to Positive CashFlow Australia.

Your Energy Drinks

A niche site project that never really got off the ground. It has a couple of outsourced articles but really needs a massive revamp if it is ever going to gain traction or generate any significant revenue.

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