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The First Ever Video Episode: Office Tour + Creativity

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iniartworksmallI want to push the creativity of the content I create, that means Instructions Not Included is becoming a vlog also!

Hi, and welcome to the very first video episode of Instructions Not Included, the series about me Ryan McLean as I try and make a decent living online.

This isn’t the very first video that I released. I have done interviews in the past, however, this is the first vlog style video where I’ll be giving you an insight into my business. In this episode we are going to look through my office space.

We’re are going to look at the new potential office space that I’m looking at moving into in my house. And we are also going to be talking about business staff in the future in general because I have been thinking about this a great deal. That is what is in store today for Instructions Not Included.

If you are listening to the podcast, absolutely love my podcast. If you want to watch this video go to ryanmclean.net/youtube and that will bring you to the Instructions Not Included YouTube channel where you can see this episode.

I’m going to flip the camera around and show you my current office space. This is the current office space at the moment. It’s nothing too glamorous at all. We have a space out there and this is actually my bedroom. You can see my bed there and stuff like that.

This corner here is where I film so you’ve got my background there – that’s the Super Smash Brothers logo which is one of my websites that I do and here is my desk. I also have over here — just so you know it I’m not drinking beer out of these, I actually use these as water bottles so I’m non alcoholic. I’m not drinking at work. I also have this TV and a Wii u which you can see there for my Super Smash Brothers set up. We have to play on these old TVs. Basically, this is the space at the moment.

Let’s go for a walk to check out the new office space – what’s going to be the new space. So we go out of my room and we are going to head downstairs. Oh my gosh – let’s just stop quickly – they love this saying, “All you need is less”. It’s definitely about less rather than more – simplifying life.  This is going to be the new office space. It’s not much at the moment but it’s going to be exciting.  It’s actually my garage.  Let’s go ahead and flip this light on.

Where you can see all that stuff in the background that curtain is actually going to hang up on the roof and will block all of that out. This is actually a huge space so if I go into the corner you can see quite a large space here. I think it is four metres by two and a half metres or something like that. I’ve got a window here so I’m not just in a garage in the dark. That carpet we are going to put across the whole floor. That’s 20 bucks so I’m going to buy five of them and spend $100.

The floor will be carpeted and I’ve got rubber mats down as well for underneath that. This is therefore going to be the office space. The desk is going to be where you see the window over there. So I’ll have my desk there with my computer, maybe with my TV set up as well. And then I’ve got so much room so ideally we are going to have this wall as my backdrop so we may put up some black boards across there. We may put up a green screen or who knows but there is more than enough space in here.

I should probably hide that old water heater as well.  There is more than enough space in here to do a proper lighting set up and to be able to be able to film with good lighting and to just improve the quality of all of the series that I do.

One of the big things that I was thinking about today is where do I want to be in three years time and what do I want to be doing in three years time. One of the things that I was thinking about too is that I don’t want to be sitting at my desk every day nine hours a day or whatever it is that I’m doing in three years time. I’d still love to be interviewing people.

I would love to be creating more dynamic, more interesting content, definitely all stuff on video. I would also love to be travelling with the family and be able to be mobile. That would be a huge thing for me. I’d love to travel but with the family to do family stuff. I would love to travel for Smash Brothers work as well and for the content that I create. That would be absolutely awesome.

I’ve been thinking about that, thinking about the future, watching some vloggers and stuff on YouTube, getting inspired by them. I do not want to start a vlog but I want to get better at editing. I want to get better at story-telling. And that’s definitely something that I’ll be exploring into the future.

I’m therefore looking at getting this better space, getting a decent camera setup, better microphones set up and all of that sort of stuff so I can create better content. I’ll also be looking at shifting away from the very basic talking head content that I have towards higher production value, better storytelling sort of stuff. I’m probably not going to do that with Instructions Not Included because this doesn’t make me any money and it’s more just a documentation of who I am and what I do.

I’m just going to go to the kitchen and get a drink or get something to eat.  Yes I’m excited for the next few years. I need to think about what do I want to do, who do I want to be, what sort of stuff do I want to be working on because truthfully if I’m honest with myself I’m bored. I’m bored of my business. I’m bored of creating content. I can sit there and I can create videos, I can drive traffic, I can generate revenue. It’s like it’s all laid out for me.

The plan for the next three years to get the income that I want it is all there, it’s all mapped out for me. All I have to do is to put in the work. I’m creative person. I like pushing them all. I want to improve myself and just doing the same thing every day for the next three years sounds like death to me. So we’re going to get creative, we’re going to try and do some new things. Some may work and some may not but I’m going to try and put more of myself, more of my creativity into what I do.

That is kind of my plans at the moment. This battery pack for my phone – I absolutely love this thing by the way. My phone just dies so easily — look, we’ve got some cookies. I’m going to munch on some cookies and I’m going to edit this video. Hopefully that won’t take too long. And then I’m going to continue to think about where I want to be in three to five years time but I’m definitely thinking that I don’t want to be stuck at my desk nine hours a day just creating talking head videos.

I want to be doing something creative. I want to be out about in the world. I want to boost my confidence in terms of speaking and vlogging in public and stuff like that and I just want to create really engaging content. I’m getting better as a public speaker. I’m getting better at storytelling but I still have so far to go.

That is it from me. You’ve seen my office space which is just an office in my bedroom. You’ve seen the new space which will hopefully be set up in the next week. I’m just waiting on some internet stuff because the Wi-Fi is really bad in there so I’ve got what is called a D-link which connects to Internet into that room. I have an Ethernet cable into my computer cables for Internet.

It sounds crazy to me but apparently it’s going to work so I’m waiting on that. After that we’re going to buy the carpet and then I can go ahead and move in.  Hopefully by the start of next week, worst-case scenario end of next week I will be in the garage as the office and with a bit of luck that will just give me more room and more freedom to create better content.

I hope that you are moving things forward in your business. My business is unique because I generate enough income to live. Now, I’m trying to think about where do I want to be three to five years time, what I want to be doing and how could I push the boundaries of what I’m currently doing at the moment. So you go out there, work on your business and push your boundaries.

Until next time if you want instructions go and buy some furniture.

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