Creating Inspiration

I love listening to audiobooks while I drive between sales calls. The books I love best are the ones that inspire me to do better and achieve better. They are entertaining and they work to change my mindset about how I work so that I can work smarter and get better results. It got me [...]

Changing The Way We Do Church

Seth Godin’s book “Meatball Sundae” talks about the fact that business models only tend to succeed when they are organized around the marketing channels available. With the introduction of the Internet, the growth of social media and the decline of TV advertising and mass media the marketing landscape is changing. The church as it exists [...]

It’s Easy To Be A Critic

It’s easy to sit back and criticize the work other people have done. Much harder to actually do something that will be criticized. Doing is hard. I want to…no I need to…do more. I need to stand up and create things that can be criticized. If you want to have a good idea, have a [...]

Just Do Something

This weekend I have had an entire sense of “overwhelm”. Maybe it is the thought of getting back into work, maybe it the the looming year ahead, maybe it is the dreams and ambitions I have for my life. When I feel overwhelmed I love to take the “just do something” approach. If the house [...]