Ryan McLean : Slightly Unconventional

Building a Real Business, Not Just Creating Another Job

Today I have decided to begin building a real business and not just creating another job for myself. Let me explain.

CashFlowInvestor is starting to make some money (anywhere from $200-$500/month). This is currently almost on autopilot, as I rarely add new content to the site, but it isn’t really growing.

Over time I could add more content myself.and grow the income that way but I will just be creating for myself another job

I have decided to outsource

With the money I am making from CFI I am going to reinvest it back into the site by hiring writers to write blog posts.

The Goal

The goal is to invest $1,000 per month into the site and have it earning even more than that ($2,000/month). Then the income will.continue to grow on autopilot.

I would then spend my time continuing to.grow my business by investing time and resources into other websites.

The dream is to (eventually) replace my income from my job with my websites. How long it takes me to do that…well that is the mystery. 

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