Got a feeling that my business, which is currently a one man show, won't be that way forever. Yes I do a good job as a solopreneur and it has great lifestyle benefits. But the dreams I have I can't achieve alone. So sooner or later I am either going to need to find a [...]

Church Needs A New Financial Model

Today I received what came across as a very desperate and manipulative email from a church. What unsettled me so intensely was the pastor's use of scripture as a manipulation tool to guilt the recipient to donate to the church. I was also unsettled by the complete lack of transparency in how the money will be [...]

#1 Making A Decent Living Online

Welcome to the Life Of Ryan Podcast. A documentary style podcast following me (Ryan McLean) and my life as I try to make a decent living online. Watch (or listen) over my shoulder and see what I am doing on a day-to-day basis to grow my business into a thriving and successful educational company. Who [...]

Theories On The New Church Model/Structure

The church is changing and people are crying out for something new. I believe something new will emerge from the ashes of the people burnt out by Pentecostalism (harsh but totally true...only people who don't like Pentecostalism will build something new). Here are some of my ponderings about some of the aspects I believe the new [...]

5 Years On…And Not Financially Free

Almost 5 years ago exactly I wrote this post proclaiming exactly why I would be financially free in just 5 years time. Well 5 years have come and 5 years have gone and I am currently not financially free. So why aren't I financially free (despite my proclamations and fierce self-belief). I think to start [...]

What Do I Do After I’m Done Surviving

Just over 12 months ago I left the safety and security of my 6 figure job and moved interstate following the call of God and a dream to run my own business. It has been a great 12 months living on the Gold Coast and my business has continued to grow from strength to strength. [...]

Fiverr Editor Instuctions

Hey, This is a video transcription and I would like it turned into a formatted word document. Basically at the end of it I would like it to read like a blog post NOT a transcription. Here is what I need done: SUBTITLES - Please add subtitles to the article where appropriates REMOVE COMMAS - [...]


123 is the number I use to measure my progress in the creation of content online. It's a bit of a freaky number to choose so why choose it? Why not choose 120 or heck 100? To me 123 represents 3 years of my life. From 2010-2013 I slowly created content and added to my [...]

Podcast Trend Predictions For 2014 and 2015

I wanted to quickly talk about some podcasting predictions that I have for 2014. and 2015. I also wanted to talk about some other things that I see in podcasting moving forward into 2014. and then as well into 2015. I've just written down some trends that I think are going to happen. The first trend is an increase [...]

Create Assets That Buy Assets

After listening to one of Robert Kiyosaki's audiobooks there was a great idea that stood out to me. Robert way discussing that the investors who get large returns often do so by intertwining two or more asset categories. Those asset categories are Businesses Real Estate Paper Assets Commodities For example, Bill Gates turned his business [...]