#51 My Best Customer Ever

Of all the customers you have in your business what is the absolutely most a customer can make you. For me it was previously $400-$500, but that just got increased.

#48 I Created A Product In A Day…Kind Of

I recorded the entire public speaking course in just 1 day...well I filmed all the videos but I still have some editing to do and a sales page to create.

#47 Creating Something From Nothing

If you have nothing and try to make it twice as good you will still end up with nothing. This is the problem I have been having with my public speaking site.

#46 So Much About My Nervousness

A quick update about my nervousness from yesterday. I went ahead and made 4 free videos yesterday...so much for my fear about creating free videos.

#45 I Am Nervous About Running My Business

I change my mind every week, currently I am struggling again with OnProperty.com.au. Everything is fine but in terms of growing the business I am nervous.

#44 On Ending Night Terrors With Varun From Lully

Night terrors occur when your child has a tantrum but isn't actually awake. Today I talk about Lully, a product that stops night terrors in children.

#43 Sitting Down Is Literally Killing Me

Today I watched an episode of Healthcare Triage and learned that sitting down is literally killing me. For every hour I sit down I apparently lost 23 minutes of my life.